An update for my followers

I have spent a lot more time recently posting on more serious issues such as mental illness and bullying. This is not to detract from my more personal posts, but rather to offer my readers a variety read as these articles are bits and pieces of my work that I have been doing recently. I feel like these are common issues that many of us face but spend little time discussing. If not just an interesting read, I am hoping that it serves as a conversation starter the next time you are out at an intellectual discussion dinner.

Speaking of dinners, I have been thinking of hosting a few dinner parties in my house soon. There is a lot of preparation that I would like to do before hosting such an event but I am hoping to get things running as of the latter half of this year and next. In the meantime, I am brainstorming a few dinner party ideas and perhaps considering the setting and what food to serve. This idea was originally inspired by “salons”, which were intellectual dinner parties my boyfriend’s friend had initiated here in Sydney. While not wildly popular, I think there is a greater market for these types of dinner parties as a new movement to meeting new like minded people. Through these intellectual dinners, I was able to explore a wide range of topics and ideas. I think the concept could be extended further into a personal exploration of the people in the room. Often, dinners would end and I was left feeling like I knew everyone’s deepest and darkest secrets and yet I knew them so little as people. Perhaps, this idea can grow into some camp or “intellectual retreat” for all those people out there who are looking to meet their fellow nerds.

In the meantime however, I am working on a personal project to document the memories I have had throughout my life. This has been technically challenging but I would encourage you to give it a go have you the time to do something like this is your life. You will learn so much about yourself and its funny how you can sound so different on paper than you feel you are as a person.

To my new readers, I wanted to extend a personal thank you for your follows and for staying up to date with my blog. Every single follow is so special to me as I feel a sense of connection with the rest of society.

Please share any ideas or comments on this if you have any. Happy Friday!


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